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My Next Home is back to organize more Summer Camp in year 2020! The camp will be based on English Language Learning, which aims to help students to enhance their language skill, grow their interest in English language and build confidence for them to practice the language.
The duration, syllabus, and age distribution of the camp can be tailor made for each groups of students to allow effective learning experience throughout the whole camp (with minimum camp duration of 5 weekdays).
All the lessons will be carried out by trained international school teachers using different medium, such as video presentation, music, games, role playing, group discussion etc. to maintain studentí»s interest in following with the courses. During the weekend, our organizing team will be able to arrange extra cultural art workshop, outdoor activities in Penang and sight-seeing around the famous Georgetown UNESCO Heritage places too.
In year 2019, we have successfully organized an Summer English Learning Camp for Alpha Kids from China. We have accommodated up to 13 students ranged from 7-14 years old in Lost Paradise Penang. This camp exposed the students to a lot of different new things that they have not even heard or experience before, on top of that they were able to know foreigner friends in Malaysia . It was a blast!
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