Cost Of Study In Malaysia
One of the primary considerations and reasons as to why international students should pursue their tertiary education in Malaysia is the low tuition fee. Some estimated tuition fees at various levels of education are listed below:
(A) Tuition Fees - Foundation or Pre-University Studies
GCE 'A', Level, UK USD2,632 - USD3,158
Austmat/SAM, Australia USD2,105 - USD2,368
Pre-University, Malaysia USD2,105 - USD3,158
Canadian Pre-U, Canada USD2,368 - USD2,763
(B) Tuition Fees - Preparatory Courses for English Proficiency Test
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) USD105 - USD132
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) USD105 - USD158
(C) Tuition Fees - Entire Bachelor's Degree Programmes
Areas of Study Paths of Study
Entire Bachelor Degree in Malaysia Split Degree Arrangement
Private Colleges' 3+0 Foreign Degree Programme
Foreign University Branch Campus Degree Programme 
Malaysian Private University Degree Programme
(4) Private Colleges' Twinning Degree Programme (2 yrs Malaysia + 1/2 yrs UK / Aust.)
 Business 7368 - 9474
(3 yrs)
(3 yrs)
(3 yrs)
13158 - 15789
Engineering 9211 - 11842
(4 yrs)
21053 - 24211
( 4 yrs)
(4 yrs)
21053 - 25000
 IT 7895 - 9737 15263
(3 yrs)
(3 yrs)
11842 - 170105
Medicine - 85526
(5 yrs)
(5 yrs)
84211 - 110526
(2+2.5 yrs)
Hospitality 11842
(3 yrs)
- 8947
(3 yrs)
1315 - 15789
Music 16842
(4 yrs)
- 11842 - 17105
(4 yrs)
(2+2 yrs)
(D) Tuition Fees - Preparing Students for External Professional Examinations
The Chartered Association of Certified Accountant (ACCA) USD2,631 - USD3,158
The Chartered Institute o Management Accountant (CIMA) USD2,631 - USD3,158
Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administration (ICSA) USD2,631 - USD3,158
(E) Tuition Fees - Postgraduate Studies Offered by Public Universities & PHEIs
Master's of Business Administration (MBA) USD5,000 - USD9,211
Master's of Accounting / Engineering / IT / Law / Science / etc USD5,526 - USD7,368
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) USD7,895
Source: Study Malaysia Handbook, published by Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd. Note: The above figures are estimates. Students are advised to check with the respective institution for confirmation.
Comparative Education Cost
An Example of Comparative Education Cost for a Bachelorís Degree in Computer Science (3yrs) of an Australian University
Item Australian Branch Campus in Malaysia Australian University
Tuition Fees USD5,658 USD9,019
Living Cost USD2,763 USD7,579
Health Insurance USD53 USD173
Visa Fees (only once) USD71 USD188
Average Education Cost per year USD8,545 USD16,959
Total Education USD25,493 USD50,501
Source: Study in Malaysia Handbook published by Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd
Cross-Country Comparison of Education Cost for a Bachelorís Degree Programme in Arts & Science (per year)
Countries Tuition Fees Living Cost Total Cost
Australia USD9,820 USD7,811 USD17,631
Canada USD6,803 USD8,707 USD15,510
France (Public) minimal USD12,906 USD12,906
Malaysia (private) USD4,000 USD2,300 USD6,300
New Zealand USD7,894 USD10,765 USD18,659
Singapore (private) USD6,082 USD7,298 USD13,380
United Kingdom USD15,029 USD11,350 USD26,379
USA (public) USD13,478 USD11,321 USD24,799
USA (private) USD23,615 USD12,154 USD35,769
Source: & various related websites
An Estimation of Study Cost for a 3+0 Foreign University Bachelorís Degree Programme in Computer Studies in Malaysia (per year)
Countries Tuition Fees Living Cost Total Cost
Malaysia USD3,950 USD2,700 USD6,650
Source: Challenger Concept Research Team ( Note: The above figures are estimates only. Exchange Rate : USD 1 = RM3.80
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