Fairview International School
Fairview International School, a high quality and affordable education institution for children with representation from over 45 countries, the school strives to mould, cultivate positive strengths and beliefs to develop strong, confident characters that are ready to take on the world.
Our Vision
Our achievements are guided by our Visions, which are:
1) To provide a rich academic programme based on best research evidence on successful thinking and learning strategies
2) To be a community school that serves as a vibrant centre for educational, recreational, cultural and social programmes in an international community
3) To develop a culture of continuous professional growth maintain a unique Professional Development Focus
Fairview International School aims to become a vibrant centre for educational, recreational and social development for our students and teachers. We want our students to be strong academically and yet be people of stalwart hearts for the less unfortunate among us. We also target to function as a "hub" for educators throughout the region to engage regularly in a wide range of continuing professional development opportunities that promote ongoing professional growth.
Our Motto - "Aflame For Learning"
Our motto represents our aspiration for lifelong learning; it also embodies the spirit of courage and determination in our quest for excellence.
Academic Excellence
Fairview has an International reputation for excellent academic achievements and this includes the proven track record of 95% of passes in the IGCSE examination for more than 15 years.
Our creative pedagogical instruments include Tony Buzanís Mind maps, Edward de Bonoís Six Thinking Hats, Howard Gardnerís Multiple Intelligence, Qwizdom and the Smart Board.
Harmonious Community
Fairview is a platform of internationalism and globalism existing within the compound of the school. Caring, tolerance and empathy for others form the core values.
School Structure
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School Time
7:30 am to 1:20 pm
Academic Year
1st Term (September - December) - Christmas Holiday (3 weeks)
2nd Term (January - April) - Easter Break (2 weeks)
3rd Term (April - July) - Summer Break (4 weeks)
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