Guide to admission and student pass application
1) applicants are required to submit all the relevant documents to the college
  Documents Required:
2 sets of academic transcipts and certificates
3 copies of student's passport (whole book, including the front and back cover)
2 copies of parent's passport
2 copies of student's personal detail form
2 copies of student's birth certificate
2 copies of student's and parent's Identity Card
8 passport sized colour photographs
Application Form to be completed and signed
A copy of medical report from a certified medical practitioner in home country
A Release Letter, Attandance Record, Progress Report / Result from previous college (if transferring from another college in Malaysia)
  All documents MUST translated into English and Certified True Copy.
2) The College will issue a "Letter of Acceptance" to the student but the approval will depend on the final decision of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
  The College will process the application and send the
documents to the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
for approval.
  The application will also be sent to the Immigration
Department of Malaysia for student pass application process.
  Note: These processes will take approximately two months.
3) Upon receiving the approval letter from the Immigration
of Malaysia, the College will send the approval letter to the
student to proceed with further necessary procedures.
  Note: The applicant must apply for exit visa from the country of origin and book the flight ticket. It is compulsory for the student to inform the College about the flight schedule.
4) The College staff will meet the students at the Penang International Airport upon arrival.
  Note: It is the responsibility of the student to bring enough money to
settle all the fees involved and to cover the living cost.
5) Upon arrival, the College will send the student's password to the State Department of Immigration to endorse their student pass. This process is important in order to legalize the stay of the student in Malaysia.
  Note: This process will complete within two weeks.
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