Limkokwing University
The International Consortium
Limkokwing University believes in associating with the best of the best. To ensure that its programmes and curricula are of international standing and are internationally recognised, the University works with an International Consortium of Partner Universities selected from among the best in their respective fields around the world. These partners help to maintain, sustain and enhance Limkokwing's global standards. Representatives from these institutions form the core of the university's Quality Assurance Board and make regular visits to the university.
This International Advisory Board benchmarks programmes against international criteria and specifications and moderates students' performance and achievement. International benchmarking ensures that students have the opportunity to move between and across institutions.
University Facilities
Cyberjaya Campus
The highly-charged atmosphere of Limkokwing, complete with revolutionary business units and state-of-the-art equipments, is not lost on visitors. Cyberjaya's most creative address is fully equipped with professional facilities in line with its industry-within-university practice.
Computer Labs
World-class computer labs are among the hi-tech facilities available in the campus. The university produces IT-savvy, industry-ready graduates who are trained using the latest equipments and tools. They hence join the workforce with knowledge that would easily make them leaders.
Fashion Workshop
Since opening some 5 years ago, Limkokwing's Fashion & Design School has been making headlines, winning accolades and setting new standards. Business units and fully-equipped fashion workshops are features that reflects just how innovative the training is.
The Limkokwing campus comes equipped with professional facilities that include an e-library with a collection of more than 20,000 books, thousand of journals, periodicals and articles. It's a one-stop centre for students.
Photo Lab
The Limkokwing photo lab provides students with the latest facilities in photography.
Creativity Library
The library will serve as a resource for students researching into creativity. The panel explains the importance of creativity in arriving at design solutions, marketing strategies and communications of important inssues related to industry, government and academia.
Branding & Packaging Gallery
The Branding and Packaging gallery is intended to overwhelm the visitor with giant pack of local products that have been given new logos and new designs. The giant packs are also used creatively to deliver important messages on branding and packaging that educate as well as entertain the visitor.
Centre for Design Innovation
The centre is tasked to help Malaysian companies develop their brands in order to strengthen the nation's ability to compete in the global market in the face of new challenges.
Design Exploration Gallery
The university's industry-base environment means students gets to work with professionals with every aspect. At the Student Gallery, works by the most brilliant of creative minds are highlighted, reflecting the high quality training, they receive at the university college.
Campus Accommodation
Just like home..... the university provides full accomodation - hostel facitilies come complete with satellite TV and wireless Internet access.
One World Club
A recreation club for students with a most unique setting based on the theme of recycled junk art, One World Club is where creative minds from the different corners of the world mingle and learn from one another.
Wings Coffee
This is the brand developed to meet the expectations of a new generation that loves to hangout with friends. The cafe has its own unique product range that include items specially created like the Durian Coffee and Durian Smoothie which are hot-selling products, attracting patrons from elsewhere in Cyberjaya.
An al fresco eatery where food meets the expectations of different tastes from Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine to fusion food and pastry corner for the health concious.
This is a fitness centre which is not about keeping trim. It is being developed as a legitimate business with brand extensions that will include fashionable fitness wear.
Sound & Recording Studio
The music studio is fitted with high-tech, digital equipment such as Digidesign Protools HD3 Accel, Digidesign 192 I/O, Digidesign Pre Amp, Soundcrafts, Otari, Genelec Surround Speaker Set and quality sound studios.
Making Headlines
Making Headlines, one of the business units on campus where students learn to create and manage products and services, reflects Limkokwing's industry-within-university concept.
10-Ten Convenience Store
A sundry shop to call their own... the small but important outlet where the simplest of needs are conveniently met, from canned drinks to snack food to popular magazines.
International Partners
Australia Netherlands
Bangladesh New Zealand
Bosnia & Herzegovina Nigeria
Canada Oman
China Poland
Denmark Russia
Germany Sudan
Greece Spain
India Switzerland
Indonesia Thailand
Ireland Turkey
Italy United Kingdom
Kenya United States of America
Korea Vietnam
Mauritius Yemen
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